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Anti-Fascist Group: Group and Anti-Defamation League

anti-fascist group: Some of the Walk on Locke's attendees wore jackets emblazed with Soldiers of Odin, which the U.S. Anti-Defamation League describes as an extreme-right group devoted to hatred and fear of immigrants and, especially, Muslims, according to CTV. Many of those with the so-called anti-fascist group wore red bandanas over their mouths, and sunglasses and hats that concealed their identities. The demonstration, billed as the Patriots Walk on Locke, was advertised as a walk in support of businesses on Locke Street that were damaged earlier this month by a group of black-clad vandals who police described as anarchists. One of them, Martin Rosso, told CTV Toronto that it was a real shame that police have decided to protect the fascist organizations and allowed them to march. Max Guerrero, from the revolutionary socialist group Fightback, said his group had joined the anarchists to stand against fascism, even though he believes their tactic had failed. He refused to comment when asked if he would condemn the vandalism spree on March 3, in which a group of about 30 people smashed windows with rocks. ( As reported in the news.