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State Fund: News Reports

state fund: A general election must be held by August but is widely expected in the next few weeks, according to CTV. The anti-fake news bill, which must be approved by parliament, calls for penalizing those who create, offer, circulate, print or publish fake news or publications containing fake news with a 10-year jail term, a fine of up to 500,000 ringgit 128,000 or both. Prime Minister Najib Razak has been dogged by a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal involving an indebted state fund, and rights activists fear the new law could be used to criminalize news reports and critical opinions on government misconduct. The bill defines fake news as any news, information, data and reports which is, or are, wholly or partly false whether in the form of features, visuals or audio recordings or in any other form capable of suggesting words or ideas. This is an attack on the press and an attempt to instil fear among the people before the general election, opposition lawmaker Ong Kian Ming tweeted. It covers all media and extends to even foreigners outside Malaysia as long as Malaysia or its citizens are affected. ( As reported in the news.