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Islamist Predecessor: Mass Protests and Mohammed Morsi

islamist predecessor: The only other candidate on the ballot, Moussa Mustafa Moussa, registered at the last minute and supports el-Sissi, according to Toronto Star. With the outcome known, the government hopes to boost turnout and show it has popular support. El-Sissi came to power after leading the 2013 military overthrow of his freely elected Islamist predecessor, Mohammed Morsi, amid mass protests against his divisive yearlong rule. Voting is being held over three days, from Monday to Wednesday, as a way of encouraging participation among Egypt's nearly 60 million eligible voters. Election officials say it's too early to estimate turnout. react-empty 144 The election commission has issued vaguely worded orders banning reporters from asking people inside the polling stations who they plan to vote for, or from engaging in political discussions with voters. Read more Polls in Egypt open as President el-Sissi set for easy re-election Article Continued Below Egypt's military detains ex-general days after he launched presidential bid Egypt sets presidential election for March as el-Sissi win virtually guaranteed State and private media, which all support el-Sissi, say turnout appeared high on the first day, but Associated Press reporters on the ground at a dozen polling stations in Cairo observed only a trickle of voters entering. ( As reported in the news.