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Sikh Goals: Canadian Aggression and Ndp

sikh goals: While the media makes much of the new NDP leader's ties or indifference to Sikh violence, they've ignored Singh's leadership of a party and community that has repeatedly backed Canadian aggression, according to Rabble. In a rabble story on the controversy, Karl Nerenberg described Singh as the leader of a party that has throughout its history favoured peaceful and non-violent solutions. But not the stuff that's making news. As such, Nerenberg called on the NDP leader to make a stronger statement against any use of violence in furtherance of Sikh goals. Contrary to Nerenberg's claim, the NDP has repeatedly supported Canadian aggression. While not downplaying the terrible human loss in the 1985 Air India bombing or disagreeable aspects of the Khalistan movement, it's more salient to know Singh's position on Canadian violence. ( As reported in the news.