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Association President: Nations Degreed and Web Panel

association president: The Association of Canadian Studies has now asked the question two years in a row to explore the issue of racism to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which the United Nations degreed in 1966 should fall every year on March 21, the anniversary of a deadly crackdown on an anti-apartheid rally in South Africa in 1960, according to National Observer. Respondents to the survey were evenly split last year as well, said association president Jack Jedwab. Asked whether all Canadians should share responsibility for past wrongs like the residential school system, respondents taking part in the online web panel were almost evenly divided, with 48.5 per cent saying they either somewhat or strongly agreed with the premise. ; Newcomers and children of immigrants who were part of the survey were more likely to see reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples as a collective issue for the country to address, perhaps as the result of an emphasis on Indigenous history in Canada's citizenship guide. We'll have to see improvement in the contemporary condition of Aboriginal Peoples for those numbers to change, he said. That's not an illogical connection to make. Very often when people recognize historic injustices, they'll transfer what they see today to what has occurred prior. ( As reported in the news.