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Pop-Up Events and Childhood Experience

life: Now Ling has turned this key childhood experience into a life of social enterprise through an organization and series of pop-up events she's founded called Flavours of Hope.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver lawyer wants solicitor general to change impaired driving laws he criticized in opposition Vancouver doctor performs nearly 300 vasectomies on week-long trip to Haiti Will Wai Young scuttle the NPA's mission to win back city hall Fighting on the frontline of Vancouver's fentanyl epidemic Food is the catalyst The premise of Flavours of Hope is to offer refugee women who are passionate about food an opportunity to cook for members of their new community, according to Vancouver Courier. At the dinners, guests sit down and experience not only a taste of food prepared by the skilled hands of the refugee women in the kitchen, but also a taste of tremendous hospitality. Isolated because of the unfamiliar language and culture, Ling's mother kept to herself, while Ling says she was profoundly curious about their new surroundings, and food was one of the most powerful tools for forging new connections. The dinners are about dialogue not just in the sharing of stories by the resilient women doing the cooking, but also as the evening opens up the opportunity for guests to articulate their own stories. It's the opening up of the table for people to come together. Food is the catalyst, explains Ling. ( As reported in the news.