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Pepper Plant: Avery Island and Climate Change

pepper plant: The home of Tabasco, the now ubiquitous but uniquely branded condiment controlled by the same family since Edmund McIlhenny first stumbled across a pepper plant growing by a chicken coop on Avery Island, is under threat, according to National Observer. An unimaginable plight just a few years ago, the advancing tides are menacing its perimeter. But the state is losing land to the seas at such a gallop that even its seemingly impregnable landmarks are now threatened. Avery Island, home of Tabasco hot sauce, is under threat from climate change It does worry us, and we are working hard to minimise the land loss, said Tony Simmons, the seventh consecutive McIlhenny family member to lead the company. Simmons allows a silent pause as he mulls a situation where Tabasco is forced off the island. We want to protect the marsh because the marsh protects us. ( As reported in the news.