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Perla Morales-Luna: San Diego and Immigration Violations

perla morales-luna: Attorney Andres Moreno II said Friday that his client, Perla Morales-Luna, was walking down a street in National City with her three daughters last week when agents dramatically pulled her away and drove her off, according to Metro News. Moreno says the single mother emphatically denies the Border Patrol's allegation that she was an organizer of a transnational smuggling network. The Latest on the Border Patrol's arrest of a woman near San Diego that was recorded on video all times local 12 46 p.m.A lawyer for a woman arrested on immigration violations in the San Diego area says he's shocked by video of Border Patrol agents tearing his client away from her crying children. Morales-Luna has not been charged with any smuggling crimes and the Border Patrol has offered no evidence of that. Her children, ages 17, 15 and 12, are staying with family in the San Diego area. 8 15 a.m. The attorney says Morales-Luna came to the U.S. from Mexico at age 15 and he will fight her deportation. ( As reported in the news.