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Enforcement Work: River Dispatches and Right Cantu

enforcement work: He said he agrees with much of the criticism from the left even though it caught him off guard and had expected most of the backlash to come from the right, according to The Chronicle Herald. Cantu told his detractors on Twitter To be clear during my years as a BP agent, I was complicit in perpetuating institutional violence and flawed, deadly policy. Now 32, he says he didn't expect his new memoir examining some of the agency's uglier aspects would spark protests by far-left groups denouncing him for the enforcement work and forcing him to cancel some talks promoting The Line Becomes a River Dispatches from the Border. My book is about acknowledging that, it's about thinking through the ways we normalize violence and dehumanize migrants as individuals and as a society. Writing the book was a way to come to terms with what I had participated in, a job that made me normalize a certain amount of violence, Cantu said. Cantu said he wrote the book to make sense of his time with the patrol. ( As reported in the news.