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Liberties Affiliates: Border and u.s

liberties affiliates: The lawyers say U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been searching buses more often to check the immigration status of travellers singling out people based on race or their appearance, according to Metro News. Border Patrol has the power to operate immigration checkpoints and conduct other activities within 100 miles 160 kilometres of a U.S. land or coastal border according to a federal law. The American Civil Liberties Union's affiliates in 10 states sent a letter Wednesday to officials for the Greyhound bus company asking them to deny agents permission to board without a warrant or on the U.S. border. But the letter says the statutes cannot override the Fourth Amendment, which protects people and businesses against illegal search and seizures. Last month, advocates in Florida warned immigrants about the checks when travelling to the state. The advocates say the checks have taken place in at least seven states including California, Florida and Vermont. ( As reported in the news.