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Justin Trudeau and Peoples Joly

joly: Heritage Minister M lanie Joly, who will oversee the work, said the government wants to find real solutions to real problems, particularly on fundamental rights, access to justice and jobs, according to Toronto Star. Read more Report says Indigenous people in Toronto are far more likely to be homeless, unemployed and hungry Article Continued Below Census vastly undercounts Indigenous population in Toronto, study says Justin Trudeau promises new focus on rights of Indigenous peoples Joly said the government won't run broad consultations on racism, opting instead to speak with different stakeholders about spending on programs outlined in the budget. react-empty 144 Previous efforts to talk about racism have not gone well. The Liberals will soon launch consultations on a national anti-racism strategy promised in February's budget. Concerns about free speech forced their way into discussions around a Liberal MP's motion condemning Islamophobia. The Liberals are now looking to avoid the same pitfalls. Similarly, the Quebec government's plan to consult on systemic racism was met with objections that forced the province to tone down its plans. ( As reported in the news.