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Buddhist-Majority Myanmar: Muslim Rohingya and Assistant Secretary-General

buddhist-majority myanmar: Myanmar's government denies such abuses and announced in January that it was ready to accept the refugees back, according to CTV. Safe, dignified and sustainable returns are of course impossible under current conditions, Gilmour said. UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour said in a statement that during a four-day visit to Bangladesh, refugees told him credible accounts of continued killings, rape, torture and abductions, as well as forced starvation in the western Myanmar state of Rakhine. Some 700,000 Muslim Rohingya have fled Buddhist-majority Myanmar to Bangladesh since late August, when Myanmar security forces began sweeps through Rakhine after attacks by a Rohingya insurgent group. Gilmour said the rate of killings and sexual violence in Rakhine has subsided since August and September last year, but It appears that widespread and systematic violence against the Rohingya persists. There are credible accounts of widespread human rights abuses, including rape, the torching of homes and killings, carried out against the Rohingya, leading to accusations that Myanmar is guilty of ethnic cleansing, or even genocide. ( As reported in the news.