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Abdoul: Abdoul Abdi

abdoul: I think it's unfair that they're trying to strip him of his permanent resident's card and that he can't have health care or work, even now that he has a job, said his sister Fatuma Abdi.. He's trying to better himself but the government is moving him 10 steps back, according to CBC. Shortly after his arrival as a six-year-old in Nova Scotia, Abdoul Abdi was taken into the care of child welfare. Abdoul Abdi, 23, will be in Toronto on Wednesday for an Immigration and Review Board hearing where he could be ordered deported from Canada. He never got Canadian citizenship while growing up in 31 foster care and group homes in the province. El Jones, centre, speaks at a press conference Tuesday at the Nova Scotia Legislature in support of Abdoul Abdi. He also been in trouble with the law, and was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency in January and then released to a halfway house after serving five years in prison for multiple offences, including aggravated assault. ( As reported in the news.