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Veteran Literata: Salsa and Patent Mixture

veteran literata: For the coming week, in her star-turn monologue Broken Tailbone, veteran literata, feminista and leftist Passionaria Carmen Aguirre dishes out her own patent mixture of Pico de Gallo, according to Vancouver Observer. It's very hot and very Red. Likewise with the dance floor variety of salsa. And she invites you to mix your own salsa along with her, right down on the stage floor, while she presides as a sort of dancing coach from a dais erected atop the plush, red-flock audience seating of The Cultch's Traditional Theatre. Aguirre sets herself up as an irresistible, incontrovertible Jefa feminine for Boss who reinforces her directives with a background discourse on the etiology and symbolism of every dance step. It's a far cry from your usual Rec Centre salsa class. ( As reported in the news.