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Service Work: Opinion Gooch and Meeting Jan

service work: At a meeting Jan. 18, past and present public servants said they suffered racial harassment and faced reprisal when making complaints, according to Toronto Star. Read more Black job seekers have harder time finding retail and service work than their white counterparts, study suggests Article Continued Below Opinion Gooch How to support celebrating Canada's Black heritage and challenge racism Coteau heard stories from Black employees who said their roles were steadily diminished despite years of positive reviews. The announcement came a day after more than 20 Black employees, mostly women, brought their concerns directly to Michael Coteau, Ontario's minister of children and youth services, who is also in charge of the province's anti-racism initiatives. Others had trained new staff, only to see those new employees be given higher, more lucrative positions. A majority of the participants said they had been suspended, demoted or fired while the staffers they had complained about faced no repercussions. Some said their complaints about racial discrimination were mishandled. ( As reported in the news.