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Road People: Stephen Harper and Mainstream Canadians

road people: Canadians, of course, pride ourselves on being fair, middle of the road people, according to National Observer. That's why Stephen Harper's most methodical efforts to change our culture to become more extreme didn't take hold, and maybe even why he lost the last election. But it's also causing a backlash among many mainstream Canadians who are saddened by the divisiveness, feel that both sides are being childish, and yearn for a reasonable compromise. When you lose the centre, you lose Canada. So is there a reasonable, middle way forward on the Kinder Morgan pipeline The two kinds of climate denial Denial of the science of human-caused climate change is quite low in Canada, though it's higher than one would expect, especially in regions where fossil fuels contribute significantly to the economy. The kind of Canada I would be proud to live in would, just like we did in both World Wars, be among the first rich countries to go all in on climate leadership. ( As reported in the news.