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Moroccan Origin: Muslim and Zouak

moroccan origin: We want to create an environment, resources and tools to favour the freedom of each Muslim woman to choose her identities and her life journey, Devillaine said in an interview in Paris.A French woman of Moroccan origin and Muslim faith, Zouak is co-founder of a non-profit association augmenting the voice of Muslim women in France, according to National Observer. The Paris-based organization is called Lallab, a mix of the Arabic word for 'Mrs.,' Lalla, and laboratory. It was a confrontation Zouak would not forget. Zouak said in an interview that she and her sisters were raised by their parents to be strong and independent. We are constantly talking about them' but never giving them the chance to speak, she said. But outside what she called the family nest, she said felt like her identities were not compatible. ; Chatting with National Observer in December, Zouak described watching TV shows while she grew up in France that portrayed Muslim women as submissive and oppressed, and hearing some politicians stigmatize them. ( As reported in the news.