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Oren Sellstrom: Litigation Director and Claims Move

oren sellstrom: It claims Trump's move to rescind the program was rooted in animus against immigrants of colour citing comments he made on the campaign trial and in office, according to Metro News. Today we are drawing a line in the sand and saying that governmental policy cannot be based in bias and discrimination, said Oren Sellstrom, litigation director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, which filed the complaint. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston seeks to block the administration from terminating temporary protected status for thousands of immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador. Temporary protected status provides safe havens for people from countries experiencing armed conflicts, natural disasters and other challenges. Protections for El Salvadorans have been in place since earthquakes devastated the country in 2001. The program has been continuously extended for Haitians since a 2010 earthquake. ( As reported in the news.