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Matthew House: Karen Francis and Executive Director

matthew house: The non-profit agency offers safe, supportive shelter and a sense of family for teens who come on their own from far-away countries such as Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Sudan, according to Toronto Star. They need that desperately, says Karen Francis, executive director of Matthew House . Unlike sponsored refugees, there is no one waiting for these kids at the airport. It is the newest of four homes operated by Matthew House, Refugee Reception Services, Toronto. Many who reside at these homes were wandering the streets unsure of where to go, who to connect with, what to do. But no room was in as much need of renovation as the kitchen, which Francis hoped would be the heart of the home. The entire home, which had been purchased by a community partner in the fall of 2017 in the city's Little Portugal neighbourhood, required some work before it could open this past December. ( As reported in the news.