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Larsen: Cannabis Prohibition

larsen: As far as I'm concerned, cannabis prohibition has always been wrong and immoral They should at least be vacating the convictions for possession and nobody should be disagreeing about that, according to CTV. Larsen said the taxes collected in the first few years after legalization should be put into a fund used to compensate those who have been harmed by cannabis prohibition. If I was in charge, we would vacate all convictions for any cannabis-related offence of any kind, Dana Larsen told CTV News. We could figure out a formula of so many dollars a day for the time you spent in jail, he said. Larsen himself was charged in 2016 for trafficking of low-THC cannabis seeds, but was never convicted. There' re many Canadians alive now who did six months or two years for simple possession of cannabis The goal is to apologize and acknowledge the harm. ( As reported in the news.