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Bullet: Gerald Gun and Defence

bullet: If the defence is to be believed, the bullet that put an end to Boushie's young life sat in Gerald Stanley's gun hanging fire until the weapon was properly positioned behind his head, according to Rabble. At that point, the bullet left the gun, untriggered. I feel soiled. Only in a profoundly racist society could such a ludicrous defence succeed. When she collapsed at this news, she says and there is no reason in this world not to believe her one of the cops asked if she'd been drinking. Only in a profoundly racist society would the police RCMP put out a news release right after the killing indirectly accusing Boushie of attempted robbery -- then go to his mother's house, surround it, search it without a warrant, and in the course of this violation, tell her that her son was dead. ( As reported in the news.