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Gas Distributor and Calidda

lima: The mummies were buried less than a metre 3.2 feet deep in the Lima district of Carabayllo, according to CBC. Their coffins contained traditional Chinese artifacts, such as lighters and pipes to smoke opium. The bodies were found inside their wooden coffins by workers of Calidda, a natural gas distributor in Lima and Callao. Archeologist Sulema Zelaya shows a 19th century mummy of a Chinese immigrant inside a wooden coffin at the Calidda headquarters, a natural gas distributor, in Lima, Peru February 2, 2018. The three mummies were found on Jan. 22, 2018, as Calidda employees worked to install new natural gas pipelines. Guadalupe Pardo/Reuters Archaeologists believe the mummies belonged to immigrants from the first wave of Chinese who travelled to Peru in the mid-19th century to work in the country's booming sugar and cotton industries. ( As reported in the news.