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City Hall: Time I and Whites-Only Section

city hall: But we must focus on the hope for the future, according to CBC. Longtime anti-racism advocate Patricia Wright asked Is it time to move beyond Black History Month Kelly Bennett/CBC That future was embodied in the midday ceremony at city hall by young performers, including Dorian Odusanya, who told the story of Viola Desmond who married his brother. We must remember the past, yes, said anti-racism advocate Patricia Wright. His telling of Desmond's refusal to give up her seat in a whites-only section of a Nova Scotia movie theatre was electric. Every time I hold that bill in my hands and I look at her face, I'll be reminded of my family's history. Our family is overwhelmed with pride that one of our ancestors a black woman was chosen to be on the 10 bill, Odusanya said. ( As reported in the news.