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Face Starvation: Soldiers and Ritual Humiliation

face starvation: She had tried to defend her 17-year-old daughter from being raped by more than a dozen soldiers and didn't succeed, according to Toronto Star. Seventeen soldiers then raped her. One South Sudanese man returned home after hiding from government soldiers to find they had blinded his mother, gouging out her eyes with spears. The family's father was beheaded. Read more Six aid workers missing in South Sudan after clash between government, opposition Article Continued Below We have nothing, we can just pray' over 1.25 million face starvation in South Sudan, doubling war-torn country's 2016 tally I did not expect to be confronted with so much ritual humiliation and degradation deliberately done for multiple reasons. The latest report on human rights abuses in South Sudan's five-year civil war, released on Friday by a United Nations commission, for the first time identifies more than 40 senior military officials, including three state governors, who may bear individual responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity. ( As reported in the news.