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Canadian Citizenship: Benjamin Perryman and Press Pause

canadian citizenship: In a decision released Friday, Justice Keith Boswell rejected his request to press pause on his deportation proceedings while he pursues a constitutional challenge, saying there were no exceptional circumstances warranting inference by the Federal Court, according to CBC. He's extremely disappointed and upset by the decision, said Abdi's lawyer, Benjamin Perryman. Abdoul Abdi, who never got Canadian citizenship while growing up in foster care in Nova Scotia, was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency after serving five years in prison for multiple offences, including aggravated assault. I would have liked to have seen some consideration of the harm that Mr. Abdi, who has been living in a Toronto halfway house since his release in January from immigration detention, had asked the Federal Court to temporarily suspend his deportation hearing, scheduled for March 7 in Toronto. Abdi will experience when he's ordered deported and I would have liked to hear some consideration of the fact he will lose important rights before there can be any consideration of his constitutional issues. ( As reported in the news.