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Canadian Connection: Film and Sanchez

canadian connection: Birdman, 5th richest man in hip hop, has secret Canadian connection The percussive score in the film is all based on improvisation, he told CBC host of The Early Edition Stephen Quinn, according to CBC. It was me reacting to what director Alejandro Gonz lez I rritu was saying and what I was seeing, he said. The drummer behind those beats, Grammy Award winner Antonio Sanchez, is in Vancouver to perform the Birdman score live alongside the film at the PuSh Festival. It's not that different from playing with a band and reacting to everything that was going on in real time. Antonio Sanchez/PuSh Festival The first demos he submitted were very structured, Sanchez said, thinking that would be best because film scores are typically less improvised. Antonio Sanchez will drum live alongside the film 'Birdman' at the PuSh Festival. ( As reported in the news.