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Canadian Centre: Train Interns and Latter Group

canadian centre: The story began in April 2017, when the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada ARCC reported that many anti-choice groups had been getting Canada Summer Jobs funding for years -- primarily crisis pregnancy centres that dissuade women from abortion, but also some political groups, including Campaign Life Coalition, Life Site News, and Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform CCBR . The latter group is infamous for its public display of gory signs showing alleged aborted fetuses and delivering similar graphic flyers to residences, according to Rabble. Last year, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid Mississauga-Erin Mills approved a 56,695 summer jobs grant to the CCBR, which it used to train interns on how to shock and offend Canadians with its extreme anti-choice propaganda. Anti-choice groups have been milking the Canada Summer Jobs fund to the tune of 1.7 million since 2010. MPs set local priorities and allocate Canada Summer Jobs funding to groups in their ridings, while the federal government approves or rejects the applications based on various other criteria. In December, an attestation requirement was announced, asking applicants to tick a box to be eligible for funding. New attestation requirement Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Employment Minister Patty Hajdu acted quickly, announcing that Liberal ridings would no longer award Canada Summer Jobs CSJ funding to anti-choice groups, and that the government would look at ways to permanently change the program to prevent any MP from allocating public funds to anti-choice groups. ( As reported in the news.