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Years and Writer

time: This writer happens to find it to be of an intrinsic interest that is almost aesthetic, akin to a symphony or great painting, according to Rabble. In this series, going back 50 years, one decade at a time, from 2018 to 1968, I have been interested in looking at events of the still recent past from the standpoint of the way many of us now see such current issues as the environment, inequality, Indigenous people, youth and women. In fact, there might be no reason at all to pay any attention to history, be it recent or ancient. Today we travel back four decades to a time when this writer was a mere 30 years old.1978In 1978, P.W. Botha became the last hardline head of government of South Africa. Botha's reign was marked by intense, brutal and violent repression of the anti-Apartheid movement. His successor, F.W. de Klerk, freed Nelson Mandela and negotiated an end to the Apartheid system. ( As reported in the news.