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Refugee Claimants: Irb and Refugee

refugee claimants: It was still scary to have someone say they'll be deported in two hours if they don't pay up.'- Louisa Taylor, Refugee 613 They're asking asylum claimants for money, saying that there's a pending investigation and they owe money to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and to pretty much pay up, said the IRB's Line Guibert-Wolff, according to CBC. Guibert-Wolff said the IRB first learned of the scam in December. The IRB has printed posters in six languages warning refugees about the scammers, who threaten their targets with deportation if they don't pay up. She said refugee claimants were contacted by phone or email by people claiming to represent either the RCMP or the IRB. Some were instructed to pay in cash, while others were ordered to use iTunes cards or bitcoin. She said the IRB has been working with the RCMP in its investigation. She said a pending investigation prevents her from speaking in detail about the amounts the scammers demanded, or about how they were able to obtain claimants' phone numbers and email addresses. 140 targeted since August Guibert-Wolff said the IRB became aware in December of 140 asylum seekers who had been targeted by the scammers since last August, though it's believe none actually made the payments. ( As reported in the news.