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Vsb Guidelines: Schools and Cbc News

vsb guidelines: You have to decide, are British prime ministers appropriate names for Vancouver schools Sir William Macdonald Elementary renamed Xpey' Elementary Under current VSB guidelines, Fraser said school naming and renaming is left to individual schools and local communities, according to CBC. Last year, two Vancouver schools were renamed to reflect Indigenous communities. I came to realize that the policies we have in place are not adequate and that it's time for the VSB to take a high level review of how we name and rename schools so we can better represent our city, Fraser told CBC News. Fraser wants the school board to rework its policies so more community groups and local First Nations are included in future decisions. The motion will be put forward at the VSB board meeting on Jan. 29. I recognize Vancouver schools do not adequately represent the historical multicultural heritage of our city and neither do they reflect our commitment to reconciliation, she said. ( As reported in the news.