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America Data: Vancouver and Car

america data: Vancouver also happens to be the car-sharing capital of North America, according to a recent study, according to Vancouver Courier. Data collected from Vancity Credit Union show that Vancouver has, per capita, more car sharing vehicles than any other North American city. Specifically, we like to participate in car sharing, and we have a big pool of car share vehicles to prove it. With about 3,000 cars available for short rentals to members of a handful of programs, Vancouver has a larger fleet than in many key U.S. car-sharing cities, such as Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.article continues below Trending Stories Man who died trying to stop fight remembered for his good humour Man dies in early morning fight on Granville Street Witness to Knight St. collision critical of bystander racism Mourners gather today for funeral of Alfred Wongrelated Five unregulated, Uber-like companies already operating in Richmond Rack-free bike share service U-bicycle rolls into Vancouver, plans massive expansion Vancouver has, hands-down, more car-sharing vehicles than in other Canadian cities; Toronto has 1,650 while Montreal has 2,080. Two out of three car share members of the 4,000 Vancity surveyed noted they joined up within the last two years, and one in three said it had been within the last year. There are four major car-sharing businesses in Vancouver Evo, Modo, Car2Go, and Zipcar. ( As reported in the news.