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Rohinyga Villages: Rakhine State and Mac Arthurs

rohinyga villages: MacArthur had to abruptly leave the country for a private family issue, according to CTV. At which point, Mr. According to a foreign affairs official speaking on background, the Mac Arthurs spent the holidays in Yangon, where she is based, with their two children until Mrs. MacArthur and his children travelled to the south of Rakhine State to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Some parts in the north of Rakhine State are still off limits to UN investigators and to Canada's Special envoy Bob Rae, who in the next few weeks, will be trying once again to see firsthand what's left of the Rohinyga villages. Rakhine state is also where the majority of the Rohingya population lives, though since August, more than 630,000 Rohingya refugees have poured into neighboring Bangladesh, fleeing what Canada has called a campaign of ethnic cleansing. ( As reported in the news.