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Pot Plants: Tantalus Labs and Marijuana Industry

pot plants: The stereotypical image of a large industrial warehouse, with pot plants growing under bright lights and fans, loomed large in his mind, according to CTV. But when Sutton asked academics, horticulturists and engineers for advice, they all told him that no crop on the planet is grown indoors on a commercial scale. The former technology professional was new to the marijuana industry in 2012 when he founded Tantalus Labs. It just doesn't really make a huge amount of sense to replace the energy of sunlight, which is so abundant and obviously healthy for leafy green crops, with a synthetic alternative, he said. As Canada moves closer to legalizing cannabis, experts are warning it isn't so green for the environment. So he was focused on plant health, not sustainability, when he decided to build Sun Lab, a 120,000-square foot greenhouse in Maple Ridge, B.C. It was only after he crunched the numbers that he realized it would use 90 per cent less electricity than a traditional indoor facility, he said. ( As reported in the news.