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Policy Adviser: Immigrant-Rights Advocate and Mu Oz

policy adviser: We're a nation of laws, according to Toronto Star. Cecilia Mu oz, a longtime immigrant-rights advocate who served as President Barack Obama's domestic policy adviser, calls those words pejorative and prefers alternatives such as undocumented immigrants. I think it's a way to define a problem, Larson said. Aliens, in the public mind, are not a good thing, Mu oz said. Article Continued Below But people on both sides say the yawning gap in language has come to symbolize and directly contribute to the inability of Congress, and the general public, to forge consensus. Their disagreement over how to describe an estimated population of 11 million people might seem like minor semantics in the tempestuous, decades-long debate over how to overhaul the nation's immigration system. ( As reported in the news.