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People Subject: Removal Orders and Cbc News

people subject: While 3,639 of them voluntarily complied with their removal order, the others were forced to leave with escorts or had transportation costs paid by the government, according to CBC. The data, provided to CBC News from the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA shows a similar pattern over the past six years. 15,000 on Canada's deportation list America's loss could be Canada's gain Sharry Aiken, an immigration law expert at Queen's University, said people subject to removal orders who don't leave voluntarily don't necessarily go underground or intentionally evade immigration authorities. In 2017, there were 8,200 removals of failed refugee claimants, people who had outstayed their travel, work or student visa or were considered a risk to public safety. Many of them just don't have the money to leave. I think a program that supports individuals to leave and resettle with dignity in their home countries is appropriate, particularly when it comes to failed refugee claims, she told CBC News. She said Canada could follow the lead of other countries, including several in Europe, that offer generous repatriation allowances. ( As reported in the news.