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Obama-Era Program: Citizenship and Daca Recipients

obama-era program: Details on qualifying for citizenship, including on how many years to wait and other requirements, would have to be addressed, according to Metro News. Asked whether the president would support citizenship, she said, I think he's open to hearing about the different possibilities and what it means but, to my knowledge, there certainly hasn't been any decision from the White House. Congress is considering three options, including citizenship or permanent legal status for people who were temporarily shielded from deportation, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in an interview. In September, Trump said he wouldn't consider citizenship for DACA recipients an Obama-era program that Trump said last year he was ending. The options being considered by Congress include permanent residency, residency for a certain amount of time perhaps three or four years, subject to renewal and citizenship, Nielsen said. He gave Congress until March to deliver a legislative fix. ( As reported in the news.