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Middle Names: Tibetan Family and Aid Groups

middle names: The brothers who only go by their first and middle names have aspired to become dentists to help those who can't afford dental care ever since they were little when their grandfather died from a serious infection after having a tooth extracted by an unqualified dentist using non-sterile equipment, according to Toronto Star. We were looked after by our grandfather and were very close to him. Although the Tibetan family had barely enough to eat, living off the support of international aid groups, they scraped together all they had and borrowed money from relatives to make sure that Khamsum, Kunsang and their two younger sisters could go to school. Because of his death, we both wanted to be dentists to save others, said Khamsum. Article Continued Below Then a new door was opened to them when they got their visas later that year to resettle in Toronto and join their father who had come to Canada earlier and was granted asylum. In 2015, the duo were close to getting their licences in Nepal when they finished their five-and-a-half-year study with scholarships at the University of Kathmandu's dental school, only to find out they were not allowed to take the Nepalese licensing exam because they were stateless in the country. ( As reported in the news.