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Mac Arthur: Monday Macarthur and Myanmar Beach

mac arthur: Monday, according to CBC. MacArthur deleted a tweet posted Monday from Myanmar, as that country continues to struggle through a humanitarian crisis created by the persecution of its Muslim minority population. Peter Mac Arthur, who serves as Canada's ambassador to Indonesia, praised the country's beaches in a posting that was published just before 10 a.m. Twitter First day of 2018 unfolded on a Myanmar beach where the great surf is pleasingly turquoise coloured, warm, clean and clear perfect for snorkelling to visit with nature and the fish, Mac Arthur tweeted, along with three photos of empty beaches. The posting is a stark contrast to the images of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims seen fleeing the country, as its government is accused of waging an ethnic cleansing campaign. MacArthur was on a private visit to Myanmar, also known as Burma, where his wife Karen serves as Canada's ambassador to the country. ( As reported in the news.