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Income Bar: Quebec and Anglophones

income bar: No matter how one slices this, whether it's on the basis of ... being below an income bar, or taking into account lower cost of living, anglophones still fall below the lower income lines more often than francophones do in Quebec, Jedwab told CBC News. if undefined typeof b in The study examines poverty based on several factors, including age, unemployment, ethnicity and region, according to CBC. It found that across all regions of Quebec, anglophones are more likely than francophones to be living below the poverty line. The findings, compiled from 2016 census data by demographer Jack Jedwab, president of the Association for Canadian Studies, fly in the face of a longstanding perception that Quebec anglophones are mostly well off. When it comes to age, only francophones aged 65 or older are more likely to be living below the poverty line than anglophones in the same age group. Allophones have it the hardest' Overall, Quebecers whose first language is neither English nor French are the most likely to be living in poverty. In this study, anglophones are defined as those whose first official spoken language is English, which includes a number of immigrants and people from various ethnic communities, Jedwab said. ( As reported in the news.