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Immigration Applicant and Sponsorship Case

a.b: To protect the man's privacy, he was only randomly identified by court as A.B. The circumstances under which Mr, according to Toronto Star. A.B. contracted HIV are wholly irrelevant to the issue before the IAD, as are any issues related to the applicant's father's moral character, said Justice Shirzad Ahmed in a recent decision to send the case back to the tribunal for a new assessment. In chastising Michael Sterlin, the decision-maker at the immigration appeal division IAD tribunal, the court said that how the 62-year-old immigration applicant got HIV had nothing to do with the sponsorship case. The IAD appears to make judgments against Mr. In 2009, one of A.B.'s two daughters who are both Canadian citizens living in Ottawa applied to sponsor him and his wife to come to Canada under family reunification. A.B.'s moral character, and in doing so, the IAD acts as moral police. ( As reported in the news.