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House leader.article: Natural-Born Lieutenant and Housing Project

house leader.article: He has handled major portfolios, including attorney general, finance, health and forests, plus acted as house leader.article continues below Trending Stories City council approves Cambie Bridge bike lane From late-night buses to living wages how to tackle Vancouver's restaurant staff shortage Council moves toward making Vancouver a 'fair, safe and inclusive city' for women Mayor Robertson told to 'man up' on pledge for 90 million social housing project Last time he ran for the leadership, he came fourth out of four, dropping out after getting just nine per cent of the vote, according to Vancouver Courier. It raises the question of whether he's a natural-born lieutenant, as opposed to a leader. After the Liberals took power in 2001, he evolved into a competent cabinet minister with a huge range of experience. His key move to date was to pick up Rich Coleman's endorsement on the weekend. Michael Lee You can come out of a leadership race a winner, even if you don't win, by building profile, making connections and gaining clout. Coleman is a powerhouse within the party, with a long list of favours he can call in from people all over B.C. De Jong is doing better than he did seven years ago. ( As reported in the news.