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American Worker: Countries and Immigrants

american worker: In fact, Trump apologists and the president himself might be surprised by what Canadian economic data says about immigrants from the s---hole countries, according to Toronto Star. John Fredericks, who was Trump's campaign chair in Virginia, told CNN that immigrants from those countries come into the United States and they do nothing to increase the prosperity of the American worker. The president may have used salty language, but it's really just his way of saying the United States should have a merit-based immigration system like Canada's and that immigrants from so-called s---hole countries are not typically highly skilled or economically self-reliant. They lower wages or go on welfare and extend our entitlement system . Australia and Canada have a merit-based system. Article Continued Below The conclusion we are expected to make, it seems, is that if the United States was to adopt a purely merit-based system, immigrants would come from countries like Norway, and immigrants from these Norway-like countries would not put pressure on blue-collar U.S. workers because they would be highly skilled and, more importantly, they wouldn't be a drain on the system because they would be economically self-reliant. You know why they do that Because they want to bring people into their country who are going to enhance the prosperity of their citizens. ( As reported in the news.