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Business Costs: Ontario Household and Latter Figure

business costs: Flawed analysis In Ontario, KOW released a flawed analysis which claimed that the increases would lead to 23 billion in new business costs, place 185,000 jobs at risk, and cost each Ontario household 1,300 a year, according to Rabble. The latter figure turned out to be a basic calculating error which would have been caught by most high school students. Alberta will increase its wage to 15 in October 2018, and there have been similar predictions of doom there. Beyond that, the study used a proprietary economic model which lacked transparency and could not be peer reviewed. The KOW document focused almost entirely on the costs to business while ignoring the beneficial effects of raising the incomes of 1.5 million Ontario workers, a number equivalent to 25 to 30 per cent of the workforce. In other words, they threw out numbers but did not back them up. ( As reported in the news.