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Border Wall: Childhood Arrivals and Government Shutdown

border wall: Democrats want urgent action to stave off deportation of some 800,000 immigrants currently protected by an Obama-era program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Trump still wants his border wall, though he's toned down what that means, according to The Chronicle Herald. Conservatives are watching with a wary eye, fearing he will strike a soft compromise that could infuriate their and his political base heading into this year's elections. They're under pressure to find a breakthrough before a deadline next week that could lead to a government shutdown neither side wants. The No. 2 lawmakers of each of Capitol Hill's quadrants of power Republicans and Democrats in both House and Senate touched gloves Wednesday afternoon, deputized for action at what appears to be a moment of genuine opportunity to break Washington gridlock. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, chairman of the stoutly conservative House Freedom Caucus. Everybody wants to find a deal there, myself included, said Republican Rep. ( As reported in the news.