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Villa Charities: Hectares and Cc Campus

villa charities: And it is doubly rotten when a body such as the TCDSB, a creature of the province and sustained by taxpayers' money, will build a new school on land to be acquired from Villa Charities for more than 20 million, according to Toronto Star. Especially when it already owns two schools and about 6.5 hectares of land immediately south of the CC campus, plus an additional 1.3 hectares it acquired in January for 18 million from Sisters of the Good Shepard. There is certainly much rotten when two bodies entrusted by the community to preserve and enhance our cultural heritage ally themselves in a project whose ultimate outcome is the development of five hectares of the Columbus Centre campus for private gain. These forays in land assembly and land speculation should definitely be within the scope of the provincial auditor general. I understand change is evitable and could be for the good, but with the current proposal, the entire city of Toronto will lose a huge treasure. Article Continued Below Joseph Baglieri, TorontoI have serious concerns about the restructuring demolition of the iconic Columbus Centre. ( As reported in the news.