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Tamil Community: Tamil and Liberation Tigers

tamil community: On Sunday, protesters said now that the rebel group known as the Tamil Tigers have been defeated, international leaders have to set conditions to ensure peace and better treatment for Tamil civilians, according to CTV. The Sri Lankan government says they're rescuing civilians but what's happening is that women and children are being put in concentration camps and being raped, alleged 21-year-old Sahab Jesuthasan, one of the main organizers of the protest. A crowd of people from Toronto's large Tamil community has been standing outside the Consulate for days, as the Sri Lankan military continued to close in on the last stronghold of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. They are demanding that the Sri Lankan government allow the western media into the conflict zone and allow humanitarian aid workers to help the thousands of people who have been injured in the violent clashes. There are people living here in Toronto who are voiceless, said Mahinda Gunakekera, president of the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada SLUNA . They're afraid to speak their mind because the LTTE will harm their families. Voiceless' However, Sinhalese Canadians say their families are the ones who are under constant threat by the Tamil Tigers back home and here in Toronto. ( As reported in the news.