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Susan Elliott: Immigration Decision and Mexico Spain

susan elliott: Abeleira was born in Vigo, Spain, but his parents fled the Franco dictatorship in the 1950s, shortly after his birth and the family moved to Mexico, according to Toronto Star. Spain has no record of his birth, likely because he was never registered or the record was destroyed during the dictatorship. In quashing the immigration decision and sending the case back to the department for reconsideration, Justice E. Susan Elliott said Francisco Suarez Abeleira can't continue to be trapped in limbo in Canada and deserves a chance to have a new life. After spending his formative years in Mexico and most of his adulthood in the United States, he was caught by American border officials in 2009. Although the refugee judge accepted he was stateless, Abeleira was found not to be at risk of persecution in the U.S. and his claim was rejected. After being released from immigration detention, he crossed the unguarded land border between Vermont and Quebec seeking asylum in Canada a year later. ( As reported in the news.