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Rights Education: Canadian Officials and Rights Champions

rights education: So we need to both be on the international stage but not give lessons without realizing we have work to do, according to National Observer. On the weekend, human rights champions from 50 countries gathered with Quebec and Canadian officials and politicians at the conference of about 200 participants. We just have to think about violence against women Indigenous issues. The theme was bridging diversities, and participants called for more human rights education and consideration from key policy-makers, including governments and academic institutions at a time of rising populist and authoritarian movements. Her job starts Dec. 5. It was co-organized by Canadian non-profit Equitas, the United Nations Human Rights office, and academic institutions including Concordia, McGill, Universit du Qu bec Montr al and Western Sydney a former Quebec representative at UNESCO, the United Nations body on culture, heritage and science, recently returned from Paris to her home province to take on the new job of human rights envoy created by Quebec's foreign department to further enhance its advocacy for human rights abroad. ( As reported in the news.