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Kosovo Police: Capita Basis and u.n.-Commissioned Report

kosovo police: It also urged Kosovo and international bodies to develop better policies to prevent violent extremism, according to The Chronicle Herald. According to Kosovo police, 335 citizens have travelled to or been caught en route to conflict zones in Syria and Iraq since 2012, making Kosovo one of Europe's largest exporters of foreign fighters on per capita basis. An independent U.N.-commissioned report, made available to The Associated Press on Tuesday, examined returned foreign fighters and the reasons that Kosovars joined extremist groups. They included 253 were men, 55 women and 27 children. Ethnic Albanians fighting for extremist groups, including Lavdrim Muhaxheri, Ridvan Haqifi and others, presented photographic evidence that portrayed a sense of pride, freedom, empowerment and, ultimately, happiness, the report said. The would-be fighters usually travelled through Turkey to Syria, where they joined ISIS, Jabhat Al Nusrah, Ahrar Al Sham or the Free Syrian Army terror groups. ( As reported in the news.