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Groups: Healthcare Institutions and Police Forces

groups: With the government deciding not to examine the issue, on Tuesday a coalition of 46 groups announced how it will its own public consultation into the matter, according to CTV. They said the government's one-day forum was unacceptable and sad. Systemic racism is the practice wherein people discriminate--sometimes unwittingly--against those who do not share their own ethnic and cultural background in a myriad of ways, such as deciding who to hire. The groups explained how they plan to hear from people who have been the victims of discrimination such as being mistreated by police forces or healthcare institutions in what they are calling the Table of Dialogue against Systemic Racism. Haroun Bouazzi of AMAL Quebec said those critics fundamentally misunderstood the issue and said the goal was never to accuse individuals. The Quebec Human Rights Commission was originally going to look at this issue but came under intense criticism, mostly by opposition politicians saying it implied that all Quebecers were overtly racist. ( As reported in the news.